Land & Crop Management

Land Management
Management of large and medium-scale Cropping and Farms

Streamline the farm management of your large and medium-sized farms with our globally proven software platform. We help agricultural businesses across all crops successfully manage their inputs, workforce, and machinery to ensure seamless agri-food functionality.

Our complete ERP platform can enhance your farm management efforts with the integration of smart technologies, digital supply chain traceability, which will eventually improve overall efficiency. The advanced agricultural management system of FIMS can also promote and improve the cultivation and management of greenhouse and nursery crops.

Plan and Control Crop management With Next-gen ERP Platform

  • Planning of End-to-end Farm Operations.
  • Supports Multiple Crops, Locations and Users
  • Area-wise Profit and Loss Statement
  • Climate-smart Agricultural Practices
  • Crop-wise Financial Reports
  • AI-integrated Tools
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Geo-mapping
  • Integration with Legacy Software Systems and Smart Hardware Devices
  • Operator/tapper performance
  • Accessed over the Web, Mobile, and Tablet
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