Farm Management

Farm Management

Farm Information Management System will help a farmer to record all day-to-day activities in the system which will help to analyze the right decision at the right time. Starting from preparation of land, planting, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed with a few clicks. This will record all the quantities, expenses, costs, labor hours spent on the activities.

Weather Forecasting & Early Pest detection

By using the Artificial Intelligence FarmiMS will help farmers to have access to a week’s weather forecast. State-of-the-art detection systems will inform farmers well in advance about any risk for the pest and disease chances to the land. Weather forecast will cover temperature to humidity, chances of rain, wind speed, wind directions etc. enabling you to make informed and calculated decisions.  

Farm Profitability

FarmiMS will help you to keep a record of all the financial particulars like revenue, expense, costings which will help you to achieve maximum profitability. You can get notifications on the specific type of expense recording or if your expense exceeds the budget. You can track your payables and receivables through the system easily.

Inventory Management

Inventory of all types plays vital role in the Farm Management whether it is the seeds, sprays or fertilizers you can track the historical pricing of those as well as current stock vs consumption. Inventory management can be store wise, farm wise, warehouse wise identification. You can even have the expiry management and potency management from the system.

& Dashboards

With our blend of Information Technology and Farmer instinct, we have 100s of built-in reports and dashboard to ease your decision making. You can have the downloadable reports in MS Excel, MS Word or Pdf formats while the dashboard will give you all the business information at glance. You can have review expense and cost getting recorded by the team on the farm. You can define your own set of dashboards and report with FarmiMS that can be sent through email or SMS.

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