Dairy & Cattle Management

Farm Management

FarmiMS not only enables you to monitor daily milk production records for your entire cattle herd, but also it allows you to maintain daily, weekly and monthly summaries, like total yield per day, total yield per month, average milk per cow, month wise lowest and highest yields, etc.

Herd/Dairy Management

Automatic registration of births, deaths & stillborn, herd performance, dairy cattle movement and record sales with multi-site/Multi herd/Multi User Support

Cattle Breeding

Breeding reminders, identify breeding opportunities, enhance dairy herd fertility, register new calves, saving data entry time & registration costs, dairy herd performance including pregnancy rate and submission rate.

Milking Parlor Links

Transfer breeding information to and from most advanced milking parlors.

Feed to Yield

Record your yield and its performance with respect to the feed to the herd


Real time yield control, calves for veal, tracking of milk production, slaughtering due to infertility and costing of products & by-products


Track pasture exposure or grain feed, pharmaceutical supplements, feed to growth ratios, body fat and water consumption in different breeds and weather conditions

More benefits

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