Adding Value to your Current Farm

Removing excess water from the soil profile reduces the risk of soil structure damage and encourages increased grass growth and yields.

Soil Fertility
Per-paddock soil tests enable the use of targeted fertilizer blends to maximize grass growth and minimize costs.

Pasture Quality Management
Disciplined pasture management maximizes grass growth, reducing waste and the need to bring in extra feed. The set-up of stand-off areas reduces damage to wet soils.

Sourcing reliable water and adopting improved technology to improve productive and environmental outcomes.

Buy/Lease Adjoining Land
Allows greater utilization of owned infrastructure e.g. more cows through our cowshed with minimal capital investment.

Upgrade Infrastructure
Investing in housing, milking plant, and sheds attracts the best results to get high yields, providing information systems like FarmiMS to record and track the progress in Farming.

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