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How FarmiMS Works

Farm iMS is an integrated farming management system that helps you automate your experience with pre-defined farm monitoring parameters, real-time updates, user-defined alerts and much more. We digitalize your farming experience to increase productivity with the goal to serve the national and global supply chain.

How FarmiMS Helps

Farm Digitalization

Digitalize all your Farm data Including Field Activities, Financing, Inventory with just a few clicks on your mobile devices.

Keep an eye on all activities happening on your farm with our state of the art mobile application.

Dairy Management


From Cow Health to Milk Production, we have got it all covered for you, and that too on your fingertips so you can focus on growth and revenue generation from your Dairy Business.

Manage your day to day activities virtually.

Poultry Management


FarmiMS to support Flock Downtime Improvement, Brooding Management, Feed and Water Management, Vaccination and Flock Health Management methodologies. All these offerings will enable farm owners and staff ease of access and mobility throughout the processes.

Business Analytics


No more prediction-based decision about your crop or Farms when you have FarmiMS to substantiate it’s through advance Business intelligence and data-enabled Reporting.

More than 100 built-in reports & dashboards to support visibility.

Automate Process

Automate Process

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Increase Productivity

Khan Brothers

I did not realize how much water was being lost from the surface of our soil, this was totally different once we began using FarmiMS. More crops had more moisture and nutrients available to the root and this has increased crop vigour, increased overall leaf canopy and the new generation of basal shoots are stronger and more uniform.
We are so pleased with FarmiMS and will continue to use it every season. I urge anyone growing long term crops to use it.

Ahmed Khan

Farm Owner

Malik Farms

With the help of artificial intelligence, FarmiMS helps me identify the crops that yielded the highest returns in the past and predict what to cultivate next in each of the fields that I own. It also helps me track the amounts receivable from the sugar mills against previous season sales that i can follow regularly

Ahmed Malik

Farm Owner


I had to maintain record books for my expenses and income for each of my flock to ascertain the profitability which with the help of FarmiMS, I can get with a tap on my mobile phone. it helps me identify the days of the year where I can get maximum output from each of my flock were FarmiMS predicts the prices of the end product and the related expenses and give suggestions accordingly

Salman Ahmed

Farm Owner

Khan Farms

Land management helps us from weather prediction to crop management with some clicks on Mobile Phones. With the help of Business Analysis tools, our decision science becomes easy.

Touqeer Khan

Farm Manager

SR Dairies

Before FarmiMS I did not have any control and visibility of my Farm operations but now i can keep track of Milk production to expense Record on a daily basis. Abdul- United Arab Emirates


Farm Owner
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